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Our service areas aim to meet up with business situations when external expertise helps boost our customer’s business.

Video Production

StudioTres create your fully customized video.
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Today we produce for you documentaries, technical, medical, advertising, and real estate videos.

Everything you order needs to be licensed and authorized by the service provider. StudioTres can give you the huge opportunity of having your own rights on ordered material. You will have fully customized material licensed under your name, with no limit on playing your music, soundtrack or any other audio reel anywhere. Contact us about 1-year, 3-year, 5-year and lifetime license agreements.

Production staff is equipped with ultimate video shooting and editing equipment: HD Video cameras, Boom and wireless Mic’s, Lights, and filters.
Our editors in Final Cut or Adobe Premier, will edit and/or create a new movie from captured video material.

Everywhere you decide to upload your video, it will work with the highest quality possible. Counting with Basic Advertising Techniques.

We create an excellent reputation for everyone who works with us.Making work the common and unique advertising ideas.

Your message of your advertising-promotional products will be delivered to the desired destination with us. The StudioTres Advertising and Promotion department will take care of this for you PR and business reputation and future references.

With StudioTres Productions, every client has the opportunity to involve in our targeted LOCAL MARKETING NETWORK where everyone can obtain a Free Advertising or special Advertising-Promotional Package.

When we work with a client or company, especially in promotion or other multimedia production, each of our clients obtains a great Promotional Video Pricing, hosting and upload on to our website and in our TV – video network.

Every client  becomes a success.

Optimized Web Video

Major Web Browsers.
YouTube Vimeo and Others sources.
Our Targeted Marketing Network

Unique Multilingual Service

It is a unique opportunity to deliver your message to a market that primary language is not English!

Our customers have a great opportunity to produce a video in different languages such as Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Polish, and Chinese.
Our professional reporters, with over 5 years of experience in English and Spanish, are available for businessmen who want to produce an informational video or video news.

The video production will also be easy for someone with no experience in video reports.
Our operators are authorized to help with technical text reading applications, such as text monitors or custom programmed multilingual teleprompters. 

  • Interviews
  • News
  • Learning videos
  • Technical video tutorials

Steps we always take in all projects

In every project we work on we take a couple of important steps that allow us to grant the satisfaction of our client
Whether it’s a commercial video or a documentary, a music video or promotional - every project begins with the story. StudioTres works with its writers, collaborators, and clientele to find the right story for each project.
Our goal is to quickly simulate a wide variety of ideas and capture them in a way that is easier to understand (and remember) than text notes.
We're not just a video production company; we are a local video marketing network... we'll provide you with a creative outline for the execution of your video.
We also consider things like buffering performance and freezing. We are using a unique set of video features that provide the specific testing steps required for video testing playback, uploading and onsite loading video
During the work process, we use special video editing codec's.The final step will leave your video playing ``everywhere`` in HD, 2K, 4K video.

Our Specialized Areas

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Our Customers Have

We know how important it is to create an adequate and satisfactory impression of your company, product, or services. Therefore, in each of our video reels, we include important scene elements such as place or product descriptions, interviews, testimonials, success stories, and clinical tests and studies. Our Music writing department will take care of Composing Music for your Film. At the end of the video production process, our marketing department will take care of the placement and client engagement.

Products or Services

Detailed examination of the client’s product or service gives us an opportunity to determine the script, the filming location, elements, design, and the nature of the video itself. 

Corporate and Internal Communication

Corporate communication is a very important element in any business management. We create and translate multilingual, corporate “executive-to-employee” video messages. Also, we develop international corporate video presentations. We create internal communication videos, management messages, health, legal & safety precautions.  

Training and Tutorials

Training and tutorial videos are always based on easy learning features. One of them is the development of an understandable logical chain of the product or material, the correct diction, the decision of the voice-over actor, the position of the camera, software elements. All of this is accounted by training videos and tutorials.

PR Support and Community Relations

Everything that we develop remains in our networks which then serves to be PR support material for any company collaborating with us. If your company contributes to our local marketing network your company will have the opportunity to be advertised as a Partner, every time we promote our local marketing network on T.V., radio or the internet.  

Event Video

Not many companies can boast having their own Event and Celebration department. In it, are professional photographers and videographers with much experience who are experienced in Sweet 16s, engagements, weddings, Bar-Mitzvahs, Bat-Mitzvahs. We take into consideration the important elements of low-light video shooting, interviews, multi-source sound taking. Similarly, we specialize in talent contest filming, shows, and music video clips.


Production Activity

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