StudioTres Video editing services are provided by our top speed editors who have experience cutting and editing a huge variety of video material in different business directions and quickly compile pieces of material into fully edited professional videos.
Our staff is proficient in Final Cut, Motion, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and DaVinci Resolve Pro.

On-Site Editing Service

1 – On-site editing service.
We will bring an editing station to your company office and edit video material with you or your staff.
The price is from $1,272.00 per day.
Call us for details at: (855) 217-8911

Off-Site Editing Service

2 – Off site rate starts with a $880.00 minimum charge for any editing project, which covers one day of editing services.
Call us for details at: (855) 217-8911

If your company or organization needs multi-camera conferencing or meeting, creation and editing of music for your video, then we are the video production company to call.
Call us for assistance: (855) 217-8911