Pro Audio Lessons
Step by step directions on how to build and setup your professional recording place
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ProAudio Lessons that we give at your place and on your equipment. That option allows you to lean how to work with your own equipment:

1 – The Nature of Sound and working frequencies.

2 – How to Choose the right furniture and equipment to build a professional studio. Or second house style of music or composer.

3 – Major Investments | budgets and economy. How and what kind of hardware can be used.

4 – How to fix the environment and install the drivers, consoles and monitors.

5 – How to build a voice-recording room.

6 – Effects | Compressors | Limiters | EQ | Preamps | Swetchers | and other peripheral equipment.

7 – How to choose a microphone for a male or female voice.

8 – How to choose a microphone for universal studio.

9 – Process recording to an external DR.

10 – The process of recording and control using MAC.

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