Video Production Classes

StudioTres create your fully customized video.


Today we have an opportunity to offer something new from our services.

StudioTres leaders have decided to join the professionals who are working in our network and start giving educational classes. The goal of our classes is to share knowledge and experience in:

Video Production Classes Certified engineers on our network are at your availability dictate classes:Equipment Selection (furniture, soundproofing, wiring, control boards, instruments, microphones, monitoring and mixing) Studio installation , configuration and management of a video production studio or music production studio.

Our professional editors will share the tricks and secrets of handling: Adobe Premiere | Adobe After Effects | Final Cut Pro | Final Cut Pro X | Avid Media Composer.

Unique Multilingual Service

It is a unique opportunity to deliver your message to a market that primary language is not English!

Welcome international students who wants to learn video production. We are start dictating classes in Russian, Ukraine, Spanish, Portuguese, Chines language.
Learning the video production, will also be easy for someone with no experience in video reports. Our operators authorized to help with technical text reading applications, such as text monitors or custom programmed multilingual teleprompters. 

  • Interviews
  • News
  • Learning videos
  • Technical video tutorials

Our Specialized Areas

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Our Customers will obtain –
We know how important it is to create a suitable impression of company, special product or preferred advertised services. Therefore, in each of our video production classes, we include important scene elements such as place or product descriptions, interviews, testimonials, success stories, and clinical tests and studies. At the end of the video production process, our professionals will take care about explication of the most popular steps in preparing the video material. Build the screen for future video shooting. Kind of elements have to use for the different orders. Placement and client engagement.
Important to learn – Detailed examination of the client’s product or service gives us an opportunity to determine the script, the filming location, elements, design, and the nature of the video itself. 

Corporate and Internal Communication  

Training and Tutorials

PR Support and Community Relations  Event Video

We are giving more than just classes. Our clients will have an opportunity to join our team of professional photographers and videographers where can receive invaluable experience knowing the difference between a Sweet 16, engagements, weddings, a Bar Mitzvah, a Bat Mitzvah where an important element is low-light video shooting, interviews, multi-source sound taking. Similarly, we specialize in talent contest filming, shows, and music video clips.